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Mini Mindfulness Retreat


Join a supported space for some relaxing you time: time to listen, time to share, time to just be!

These bi-monthly mini retreats are focussed space for you time. Each session is based around a different topic and includes; discussion and tips, meditation, mindful movement and refreshments.

Booking is essential.

£20 per session

Sunday 19 th May
Sunday 7 th July
Sunday 1 st September

To book contact Carrie: / 07888995002

Visit Carrie’s website for more info:


Hi my name is Carrie Phillips. I am a physiotherapist, massage therapist and mindfulness teacher.

Mindfulness is to “pay attention to the present moment, non-judgementally.”  We are often in some form of pain or suffering when we ruminate about the past or worry about the future. We also tend to be judgemental to ourselves, others or situations. Mindfulness teaches us kindness and compassion to ourselves and others, in each moment, especially during difficult times.

Mindfulness has personally helped me through so much in my life that I trained to teach it to help others too. I know that mindfulness works and therefore has motivated me to practice these skills daily in my life.

I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 8 years and in that time it has helped me through some major events in my life. The death of three people very close to me within 3 years, burnout from work and going through my first pregnancy without my parents. If it wasn’t for mindfulness and meditation I am sure these events would have resulted in a different experience. As well as these major events mindfulness continues to help me with the everyday frustrations of life, including; work, relationships, time management, family, work life balance etc. In addition to helping us to overcome the difficulties in our lives mindfulness also helps us to see, enjoy, remember and bask in the joy that life brings us too. This allowing us to really live our lives with contentment and bliss in each moment.

I do not intend to bombard you with even more information, we have enough of that in our lives these days. I just ask you to just think of any difficulties going on for you at the moment. Are the problems coming from something in the past that has already happened or is it something in the future that may or may not actually happen? If you answered yes to any of those then you are not in the present moment and mindfulness techniques can help. I am here to help guide you through these skills using your own experiences. I run workshops, retreats, face to face courses, an online interactive course, one-to-one sessions and social media groups. It would be great to connect with you.