Meet the Team


Kate Gilman Brundrett.

Kate is an artist | designer | producer working in different mediums from super-quick sketches to large scale installations. Kate runs her studio practice from The Studio Morland which includes Artwork (like this little chappie at the 58th Venice Biennale), Freelance Work (such as maps and charts and illustrations) and Desk Work (such as consultancy and advisory work).. You can pop in to see Kate usually on a Tuesday or Friday - contact beforehand to see if she’s free.


Alex JaKob Whitworth + Gavin Pollock

Alex and Gavin work part time on the Studio’s Arts&Wellness programme - for any workshop enquiries get in touch with Alex and Gavin in the first instance.

As artists and tutors Alex and Gavin run a number of initiatives including The Curious School, Life Drawing Cumbria groups, painting courses and more….They also deliver creative sessions at The Studio Morland such as the Foundations in Art course.

These part time posts have been made possible with the support of The Community Lottery.